Privacy Policy

This policy is effective from 1st June 2018.  If any changes to the policy become necessary, this page will be immediately updated.  You are welcome to visit and check this page as frequently as you wish.

This Privacy Policy explains simply how we at Stone the Crows ! use any information that you provide when you use our website; more importantly, it tells you what we do to protect your information.

Stanley is committed to making absolutely certain that your privacy is safe and protected and he guarantees that your information is guarded in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any personal information provided by you will only be used as detailed in this policy.

Stanley respects your privacy; he will not sell your information.


So, what information does Stanley collect from you?

Stanley uses an analysis of data collected from his visitors to improve the operation of his website and his services to you. The analysis of this data is used to help him discover the number of visitors he receives and which areas of the website are visited more frequently than others.  Such information is gathered and analysed in a way that does not identify individuals.  Personal information you may have provided is not linked with such data analysis.

Stanley may use information about your visits to his website to assist him with advertising, to help him with decisions about future content offered on the website and to more securely protect his services to you ie your IP address, browser, device and location information. For example, Stanley may store information about your location to improve the services he offers to visitors.


And what does Stanley do with information he gathers?

The information gathered from your visit to the website is needed to better appreciate your requirements and so to provide you with a better service:

·        To better respond to visitors’ queries and requests

·        To identify you quickly and easily whenever you get in touch with Stanley

·        So Stanley can better carry out his obligations to his visitors and to improve his services to them

·        To administer his services to his visitors successfully.


In Summary:

Stanley guarantees to keep your personal information safe and confidential.  He has put into practice appropriate physical, technological, and managerial procedures to keep all visitors’ information collected from this website secure and confidential.


If you would like to speak to Stanley about privacy or any other matter mentioned in this policy please email him at:


Or write him a letter:


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