Payment & Security

Payment Types

We are happy for you to pay for the items you purchase in the way that suits you the best. You can use all the following payment types:

Visa Debit / Credit

Visa Electron


Maestro International

When will I be charged for my order?

If you use a credit or debit card you will usually see we authorise the payment to make sure that the details are correct and the necessary funds are available when you place an order, however you will not actually be charged until the item has been dispatched. If for any reason your order is cancelled the authorisation payment may take up to 3 working days to be released. You may see that the money is gone from your account before the item has been dispatched, however please be aware that this is because the bank has set the funds aside for the payment and is holding the money in a virtual bank hold.

If for any reason you cancel the order before it has been shipped or you return the item after receipt we will refund the money to you immediately, however it may take a few days to show in your account.

Is your site Secure?

Our site is as safe as it possibly could be. Any information you give us is stored securely and we maintain the highest levels of security. We use a high-level SSL encryption which is considered to be the most advanced security software that is currently available for online transactions.

For more information about our security and privacy policy please feel free to contact us at any time