Stone the Crows !

Once upon a time in the land of Yorkshire, 40 years ago, Philippa and John Allan, with just a blue minivan and a lock-up garage, set out to offer products that enabled everyone to furnish their homes with the individuality and style that they were passionate about. With an eye for the extraordinary and a real love of things handmade and handcrafted, John travelled to the far corners of the world finding treasures people could only dream of.  

Philippa and John still own and run Stone the Crows! their family business, and they do so with as much passion and energy as they demonstrated at the very beginning of their journey. Over the years, John’s eye for detail has not waivered and he continues to bring the Quirkiness that Stone the Crows! is famous for. They are thrilled to be introducing their new on-line catalogue, first and foremost for the loyal customers who have shopped with Stone the Crows! for nearly 30 years and then for the benefit of all their new customers throughout the UK and indeed across the world!   Stone the Crows! have opened highly successful high street shops in Solihull, Wilmslow, Bath, Nottingham, Dronfield, Leamington Spa, Sheffield and High Garrett and continue to operate their retail division out of the latter four venues. The aim of our retail website is to bring Stone the Crows! offerings to the comfort of our customer’s homes, making our products accessible to all.

One final introduction remains: The opening in 1990 of our first shop in Solihull was celebrated by the flying arrival of one very enthusiastic and remarkably creative young crow called Stanley, and Stanley has been the treasured talisman of Stone the Crows! ever since.  You will encounter him frequently throughout this website as he uses his knowledge and experience to guide you through your visit. Make sure you stop by to read Stanley’s news, find out what adventures he is having and where his travels have taken him as he keeps his promise to bring you the most wonderful and exciting products.  

So, let’s leave the last words to Stanley:

“Welcome to Stone the Crows! Thank you for visiting and we hope you have a pleasurable experience browsing through this site, whether you make a purchase or not. Nothing roosts for long at Stone the Crows! so, don’t forget to come back and visit us again – you could even bookmark our website”

Portrait of Stanley 1978